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About Flamingo Coffee Club

We Want to Make Your Morning Cup of Coffee Better.

There can be many hurdles when trying to get a better coffee experience at your home. We want to provide you with great tasting coffee every month, insight into the coffee industry, and supply straightforward tips and brew recipes to help you level up your coffee game.

We have one main objective we focus on everyday: "quality coffee made with intention."

We do this all with one simple goal in mind: "make the table for coffee lovers bigger."

Along our coffee journey, we found there was a disparity between the knowledge and experience people who work in the coffee industry have when making coffee, and those on the other side of the counter who buy their coffee to make at home. We created Flamingo Coffee Club to help open up dialogue between coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts. As coffee professionals ourselves, we want everyone to have a great coffee experience.  

Flamingo Coffee Club is presented to you by Evan C. Jones 

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