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Welcome to Flamingo Coffee Club

I want to make the table for coffee lovers bigger. I'm passionate about brewing great coffee consistently at home, and that's why Flamingo Coffee Club was created. As a coffee professional who wants everyone to have a great home brewing experience, I created Flamingo Coffee Club to help open up dialogue between coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts. 

How does this work? Choose between an ongoing subscription or a pre-paid amount of months as a gift [someone else or yourself!]. Then, sit back and let us deliver coffee to your doorstep every month! I'll take care of the hard stuff so you can just enjoy your coffee, wherever you may be brewing.

If there's any question that you have about your order, or which brew method is working best for a certain month's coffee, why breakfast is the best meal all hours of the day, or how much wood a woodchuck chucks, definitely drop a line!
flamingocoffeeclub [at] gmail [dot] com