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We're passionate about brewing great coffee at home, and that's why we started Flamingo Coffee Club. We found there was a disparity between people who work in the coffee industry and those on the other side of the counter who buy their coffee for home. As coffee professionals who want everyone to have a great home brewing experience, we created Flamingo Coffee Club to help open up dialogue between coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts. Each month you'll receive a new coffee from a different roaster, and detailed information on what makes that coffee so damn awesome.

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At Flamingo Coffee Club, we do all the hard work for you. The only thing you need to do each month is brew the coffee. We work with roasters across the USA that punch above their weight, roasting fantastic coffees from around the world. You may have heard of them and you may not have either. Who knows, you might get yourself a new favorite roaster!

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At Flamingo Coffee Club, we want your coffee experience to go beyond each brew. That's why we decided to produced a podcast wherein we chat with the featured coffee company about that month's coffee selection. Additionally, we put together an online magazine highlighting the coffee, the growing region, the roaster, as well as, brew recipes to help you get a delicious cup.

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If there's any question that you have about your order, or which brew method is working best for a certain month's coffee, why breakfast is the best meal of the day, or how much wood a woodchuck chucks, definitely drop us a line!

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